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So here's a little update on Sal's stage 2.

Sal's car came in with some issues that we had to take care of before we got into turbo charging his engine. we found that his car was making low compression on a few cylinders due to a blown head gasket.

so the head had to come off.

We sent the head out to the guys at M&B to get cleaned up and decked. we then cleaned up and straight edged the block to make sure we would get a good seal on the new gasket. i tried to get a few pics of the cleaned up head but by the time i found out it was here Chris K had it back on already. good news is that Sal is getting a new OEM head gasket and our L19 headstuds to make sure this doesn't happen again anytime soon.

after that Chris K put in his Stage 2 clutch and got to work on his subframe reinforcement

subframe out and bushings installed.

Chris K welding the plates in. ooooooooh fancy action shot!

some of the finished product. this will get a layer of undercoating put over it before the subframe goes back on so that it doesn't rust.

while we had the subframe out we noticed that Sal's differential mount bushings were toast.

so hes going to be getting a set of solid aluminum diff mounts so that this will never happen again. yay for upgrades!!! .

thats about all we have for now on this car. heads back on except for the vanos unit (which is at doc vanos being repaired). as soon as we get that back we will be putting his turbo kit on the car. Sal has also opted into the HPF Ti exhaust instead of his current setup.

more to come!!!
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