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Originally Posted by hcollins View Post
Tires- Michelin XSE 205/55 R16 (They are in need of replacement and I will be putting the new ones on ZHP alloys. Not sure on which type of tire just yet, but definitely all-season
Pressure- 38 psi front, 45 rear, just as my door jam says
Suspension- Completely standard, non ZSP. If I'm not mistaken, Xi models with sport pack didn't receive the sport suspension at all?
in many years of autoxing and tracking an E30 ix, which has the same torque split and similar weight distribution, I always had the best results running significantly higher pressures up front, rather than the other way around.

With hoosier slicks I'd start at 50 psi front, 38 rear (cold), and work my way down to 45-47 psi front, 35-38 rear (hot). With "normal" tires I found a similar bias worked but 5-psi or so less. in street trim I run a couple PSI more up front.
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