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Originally Posted by InZain08 View Post
R1Concepts is a company that I was referred to by a friend of mine who was sponsored by them in the past. He told me that their products are well-made and very reliable, plus the pricing is competitive. I believe they do have an Ebay store but they are based in La Habra, California (SoCal.)

To be honest, I have no idea whether the rotors were drilled before or after casting. I didn't even think to ask. Sorry. But the SS lines were also ordered from R1Concepts.

The cosmos v2 intake is a popular and cost-effective cold air intake. I've read many good reviews on the product so I decided to pull the trigger on it. I ordered a black setup with the Amsoil filter (which is supposedly superior to standard K&N filters) for $191 shipping included.
Not trying to be mean, but for your safety, the safety of those around you, and for your car, I highly recommend that you return all those products back to where you bought them from and buy quality items. Do not question this. Just do it!
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