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In addendum to the earlier post and the response about bushings... The original issue with the powerflex bushings was that they were of a 1 piece full polyurethane design. as a result the top "collar" of polyurethane would be cut off by the movement of the subframe. Also their were complaints that the bushings were shorter than the center pins causing there to be a space between the bushing and the bottom of the car when tightened down. Powerflex, seeing this as a problem, has redesigned these bushings in a way that solves both problems... BEHOLD!

Notice how the pin does not protrude from the bushing.

Notice the new 2 piece design and the metal rings to keep the subframe away from the collars of polyurethane.

These are the new, redesigned, powerflex bushings that are going in Sal's car. He shouldn't have any issues with them.
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