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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
I see no reason to buy anything other than OE/OEM, OE-quality, or high-end aftermarket brakes. $120 for a pair of Brembo rotors vs..... what for the generic chinese parts? Exactly how much are we saving? (If anything!)
the point is, (when buying these r1concept brakes), that you're buying something that looks like stoptech/brembo high performance parts but for blank oe cost.
i understand you might think that drilled rotors look dumb and serve no purpose on the street. however, there's a vast majority of people who really like the look.
so if these r1concept rotors are able to replicate the look for oe rotor cost and have similar quality then why not? why wouldn't someone buy them? theyre reputation is pretty good from what i can tell.

like i said, i'm hesitant about it as well but i've yet to find a reason not to buy them based on about an hour of research. i'll get back to you on the drilled holes versus cast holes because they have not replied to my email yet. i will not buy rotors that have been drilled.

**they also have a 1 year warranty covering warping and cracking. i have also read of them backing this warranty without question.

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