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Originally Posted by chucktea View Post
lol sorry you have to put up with that elitist crap. I appreciate your review (would like to know long term results though), and I totally understand not having a large sum of money to spend on one sector of your vehicle. The attitude on this forum is generally dissappointing because of the stockers who crap on anyone for not using BMW OEM only no matter what the cost. I've been thinking about purchasing an "economy" coil over set up lately, but I had rokkors in mind. Do you think this is worth the extra couple hundreds for the street edge because I'm not sure if the rokker's come with shortened sway bar end links?
it's all good man. it's a forum, it is what it is. I don't expect people to agree with the way I do things with my car. Had a crazy flame out on m3f for instance when I posted that I did the ///M stripe on my fender... screw it, I like it, it's my car, I'll keep it. Though I might change it out later for a side skirt stripe.. idk

Originally Posted by EverydayGetaway View Post
^They weren't crapping on it because it's not OEM, they were crapping on it because he has the nicest M3 available in the states and cheaped out on a very important component of the car. I'm with them, I could see putting these on a non-M, but on a ZCP it's almost sacrilegious... at any rate, I hope they work out for you, keep us posted on how they hold up. I had a Vogtland Cup Kit on my last E36 and they turned out to be a great buy, they were about the same price.
I understand that these aren't top name race coils. but I want to try em out - it's not like I'm tossing out my factory-amazing zcp setup. it's still in the garage when I either get bored of these, or need new - it's not gonna just suddenly total the car for putting these on. to each his own.
But yes, I hope they work for me too I mean, for being won at a raffle, you know it's not so bad to try.

Originally Posted by InZain08 View Post
Nice car man! That thing looks like it just came off the production line! At least you bought some coilovers, it doesn't matter the brand or cost. Good luck!
Thanks bud, I try and keep 'er clean, but it's always the dust/sand, or careless people. I can only do so much still gotta line up my bumpers better.. kind of off.

Originally Posted by tock172 View Post
Do you go to Embry-Riddle?
Yup! I think I recognize that car?

Originally Posted by InZain08 View Post
Not necessarily, the set of coilovers Charlie bought was specifically designed for his M3. Sure they're not a big name brand but I bet they will perform. He even stated that he has his OEM setup in case he ever felt like going back.

Originally Posted by MachRc View Post
well if I won a raffle prize at bfest, id give it a try too. Im leaning towards st's, but will still check out your review once you log more miles.
For sure man! I'll do 5k mile updates (too much? haha)
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