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Not the most glamorous of updates, but an update none the less.

Keeping with the theme of working on her backside, I decided to test fit my rear bumper to see how it would look with the flares. Still a bit abstract at this point, but I like where it's heading.

Next up was to finish removing the last pieces of the old rusted trunk floor. Here you can see the rear panel of the trunk, and the upper and lower lips of the trunk floor that are left:

These were attached with a crap-ton of spot welds, and some seam sealer. So first thing first I drilled out all the welds:

Then carefully pealed away the seam sealer and viola! no more trunk floor:

With that taken care of it was time to start patching the rear panel. It had a few area's that were very pitted, as well as the old 'diving board' bumper mounting holes. I forgot to take pictures of all the steps of cutting and patching, but long story short about 1000 tack welds later this is what she looked like:

Note the truly centered exhaust cutout (I still need to cutout the indented section of metal). This is different from both early and late cars, as the early ones had the cutout over on the right hand side and the later cars had a slightly offset 'center-ish' exit. A true center exit was something I always liked, so I figured why not.

Did I mention there were a lot of tack welds...

Then I moved on to the driver side rear quarter panel. While not as bad as the passenger side, it was still pitted enough to require a full replacement.

The Bad:

The good:

Once I finish grinding the welds smooth I'll start fabing the trunk floor and fuel cell mounts. Then it's on to the front of the car!
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