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Preload went well. I put the carrier at the same angle it went out. it naturally lines up with a line thats cast into the trailing arm. you'll see it. compensate in the opposite direction slightly before you apply your final torque of 81 ft lbs otherwise it'll rotate out of position as you torque it down. use a long breaker bar on one side and a torque wrench on the other side. make sure you use lots of oil on the bottom half of the MIS steel threaded rod. oil after every use (a total of four times)

don't forget to unclip the brake line from the trailing arm via the 10mm nut. very very important step. jack up the car via the rear subframe and put a jackstand on either side. remove the lower 18mm shock bolt as well. torque shock bolt to 78 ft lbs and carrier to body @ 47 ft lbs each.
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