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Originally Posted by Hockeyman17 View Post
Starting to get back into shape for the upcoming hockey season. I finally feel my knee has recovered enough to start squatting again. Tuesday was my first day at the gym in about 2 months. It's amazing how fast you lose strength, I'm hoping I can gain it back quickly.

Focusing on flexibility and form:

5 min treadmill warm up

Front Squat: 12x45, 12x95, 12x95

Back Squat: 12x95, 12x95, 12x95

Burpees: 2x15

Chest Press: 12x45's, 12x55's, 12x55's followed by bench press only bar until fail.

10lb Med Ball twists w/ friend (toss back and forth twisting at hips) I wish my gym had a 20lb med ball

2x15 Leg throw downs w/friend

2x10 tricep dips

10min Bike lvl 10

Sucks to be way below where I was lifting at my peak but I'm glad to be back at it without pain.
tell me about it man. I lost some squat strength myself and am dealing with a groin injury.
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