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Vanos completed some insight/ DIY to replace broken studs on that hold VANOS unit

Hello everyone, I finally took the VANOS plunge and got it all done. Took about 7 hours because I was an idiot and broke 3 of the studs that holds the VANOS unit on, but I will discuss that later. Overall the procedure was fairly strightforward if you follow the beisan website. Some tips would be:

1. Make sure you have a torque wrench and you know how to use it. They can be rented for free from any autoparts store. Here is a usefull conversion tool that I used.

2. When tighting everything back up BE SURE NOT TO OVERTIGHTEN, follow torque specs as found on beisan site.

3.Removing the old seals from the VANOS valves is like doing open heart surgery. I recommend having extra fine sand paper so if you do knick an edge with your knife you can gently sand it down to a smooth finish. As far as how to cut the seals this is the method I used:
Take your knife and work one area really well, press down hard and wiggle, you will start cutting. Once you get a good hole made, take a sharp nail ( the width of the nail should be smaller than the groove of the VANOS groove) and put it in the hole you created and continue pushing and wiggling until the seal snaps. The nail is good because it makes it nearly impossible for you to scratch the valve. Repeat method for all 4 seals.

4. If you snap off the mounting studs during reinstallation do not panic.. we can fix it.

Vice grips or Channel Locks
Lock tite bolt seal (blue)
PB Blaster
and the following studs
#15 is the long one
#13 is the short one

I needed 3 of the short studs and my stealership only had 1 so I went to HomeDepot and had them make me 2 more.

Step 1:
Remove VANOS unit to expose broken studs

Step 2:
Spray PB blaster on broken studs where they are screwed into the head.
Allow a few minutes for PB blaster to work, careful not to spray into the exposed engine parts

Step 3:
Use vice grips or channel locks to turn studs and unscrew them from the head. Note:if they arent moving spray more PB blaster and keep working them, they will come out.

Step 4:
Once you get them out celebrate.

Step 5:
Installation of new studs. Put locktite on the first half inch of the stud to be screwed into the head. Screw in stud with fingers as hard as you can, wiggle a little bit as your screw to get it in further. Once you have it as tight as you can with your fingers, wrap a rag around in to protect the threads and gently use your vice grips or channel locks to turn it just a little bit more. It doesnt have to be all the way in, that what we have the locktite for.

After studs are replaced, you can reinstall your VANOS unit, be sure to use the torque wrench!

I hoped this helps some poor soul who (like me) decided to be an idiot and ripped his studs off and couldnt find anything online as to how to fix it.
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