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Originally Posted by E36Eric View Post
Did you root your S3? I've never rooted any of my phones and I plan to keep this one stock. I know when you root the S3 you can lower the cpu speed to save battery, etc. I actually have the 2750mAh extended battery on my Rezound and sometimes it cant even last 12-13 hours before I need to recharge it. I'm afraid the 2100mAh battery on the S3 is gonna make me tied down to a charger.

Are there any wifi issues with the S3? On my rezound, the battery went down really fast with wifi on after the ICS update. My main concern is having the battery last about 16 hours before a recharge with moderate use.
I am rooted and run a custom Rom but have the clock speed and everything stock. I did remove all the junk that runs all the time, so that improves battery life for sure. To compare apples to apples, Rooted ReZound battery life VS Rooted S3 the S3 was NOTICEABLY better.

I ran my phone stock for a few days and was totally blown away at the battery life. The LTE modem is a lot more efficient on the S3 than the ReZound and the super AMOLED screen is more efficient. My Rezound screen used to get really hot when watching movies or playing games and I NEVER experience that with the s3. I can play a graphically intensive video game for 2 hours and only lose maybe 5% of battery life. Streaming Pandora for multiple hours does very little to battery.

If you are really concerned about the battery, they do sell larger capacity batteries that retain the NFC of the stock S3. I can point you in the right direction if you need one.

WiFi works fine, but I rarely use it as I am on unlimited data and have LTE everywhere I go. Funny you mention the ReZound issue, I just read that a TON of customer complaints are going to Verizon for similar issues after that update.

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