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Originally Posted by Tampa02e46 View Post
hmm, no I actually didn't know that... Probably because my mirrors are so effed up that I never touch them in fear that they will break off lol.

The reason I say bad quality is because my mirrors constantly vibrate... I thought this was a common fault on the non-m e46 chassis? My pass side mirror glass also falls off every once in a while.

Maybe I'm wrong, but in my experience, both my old 325i mirrors and my current 330ci mirrors are vibration kings.
that'd odd. it's my personal opinion that the non-M e46 mirrors are some of the finest and most robust/precise mirrors i've ever experienced. mine are absolutely rock solid. maybe get some new ones? they cracked or something? or just loose? remove and inspect. maybe some clips are broken.

yeah they easily push forward. if you have a coupe, i believe they push forward and twist upwards.

for all you know, maybe you have aftermarket mirrors? look on the bottom for any BMW markings
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