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Originally Posted by E36Eric View Post
Its good to hear that the S3 is more effecient in power management than the Rezound. When I was on ginger bread, I was able to choose "economy" mode, now ICS doesn't have that and I have to tweak the animation scale and lower the display brightness a lot so that the screen doesn't hog up all the power.
One tip i've been using to save battery power on AMOLED phones is to set a black wallpaper (I think the option is "no background" or something).

On AMOLEDs, any pixel that is black uses no power at all. Zero. So having a lot of black pixels on your homescreens means the screen uses a lot less power.

Also, you can set bimmerapp to "dark" mode, and in some roms you can even invert the colors in your text messages/inbox so the background is black and text is white.

I can't remember the exact percentage change in the screen's power usage, but it has made a noticeable difference. No to mention it will prolong the life of your screen, which is a bigger concern as of now for AMOLEDs than LCDs.
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