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Originally Posted by E36Eric View Post
On ICS, isn't there a way to disable the bloatware? It's still going to be there but it just wont run in the background, I think. I've done this to a couple of apps in the settings of my phone. I'm not sure if it does anything or if it saves battery. Its good to hear that the S3 is more effecient in power management than the Rezound. When I was on ginger bread, I was able to choose "economy" mode, now ICS doesn't have that and I have to tweak the animation scale and lower the display brightness a lot so that the screen doesn't hog up all the power. The S3 is just sitting here looking pretty and I really want to activate it now. I'm still waiting for the protective case I ordered before I use it. This phone looks so thin and fragile compared to my rezound with the fat extended battery pack. I'm going to run the S3 for a few days and see how the battery is but I'm definitely interested in the extended battery for it.
To disable an application you go into settings>application manager> all and choose the app you want to disable. It will be an option next to the force close option. You will have to uninstall all the updates first before you can disable it. HTH

I've had my s3 for over a month now and I love it. Came from an iphone 4s and I dont think I can ever go back to iOS. Love being able to customize nearly every aspect of the phone to my preference and the hardware is awesome. Its like carrying a handheld laptop in your pocket.

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