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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
Funny that you say they've never been better. With the amount of money you spend maintaining your car you'd be well on your way to having one.

Having said that, BMW's new cars are fvcked. BMW used to have the best mix of luxury/quality and sporty qualities, now they may as well be badged Lexus. Lexus isn't a bad brand if that's what you're looking for- but its not what I'm looking for. The F30 is shiit. The F10 looks like a Buick. both of them have steering lifted from something more akin to a Ford Fusion than sports car. They are incredibly imprecise and frustrating. Why did they delete both the fill and drain plugs on their new diffs? To make the cars disposable, not to keep them running. You are starting to seem less intelligent than I thought.
Since when were BMWs sports cars?? Start looking at BMWs for what they are. Not what you want them to be.
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