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Originally Posted by 3xDeuCEs View Post
not trying to be a jerk, the mileage is a little high but i can throw out and offer of 7500 cash and can come pick it up today! or tomoroww! keep in mind i have to travel from CT.. Pm or maybe we can come up with something... thanks in advance
Feel free to bid. Reserve is higher then you offered.

Coming from a 6 hr drive isn't going to make me drop the price. I owe $7,700 on it still, and am not desperate to sell. I'd rather put another 10k miles on this year and sell it for $8ish, then take less then $9k now.

I've been offered $8,500 once, $8,000 once, and $6,500-$7500 like 7 times.

I'd take $8,500 with stock suspension and oe style halogen tails.

A lot of it is highway. I put 10,000 on since mid March

Talking 12.5k miles a year, that's average. I've seen cars with less mods and 180-220k miles go for $6-8.

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