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Originally Posted by ZZen330 View Post
This might help: (from Parrot)

A new software version has been released for the CK3000 Evo v5.25 which improves the compatibilty with the Android phones, this update needs to be done at your local Certified Installer, which will do the update via serial cable (Dealer may charge for update)

In the mean time the procedure below may help

Pairing can be difficult, and as such the droid is not currently considered compatible with the evolution. The phone should pair; but may not connect. What some of our customers have been able to do is to pair with the Parrot, where the Droid reads "paired but not connected" then clear the memory on the Parrot, whence it will announce "memory erasing in progress please wait". Most steering wheel controls will allow you to clear the memory with a combination of the Volume Keys Vol- followed by Vol + 5 Times (-+-+-+-+-+). Or if you have the red/green keypad with the dial in the center, simply press and hold the red/green button at the same time. Normally when the Parrot is done it will announce PLEASE PAIR DEVICE when its done, but these customers have reported that it instead simply beeps indicating it connected to a phone, and sure enough the Droid showed it was connected and paired.

Again this work around has worked for many customers, but at this time we do not consider the Motorola Droid compatible with the CK3000 evolution, it is so with all of our other current devices, and as such do not guarantee its functionality.

Thanks For Choosing Parrot
I love the CK3000 setup. Many thanks to the OP.
Unfortunately, I am also an Android user.

When I first put the set-up in, I had an old Windows Mobile phone, which worked like a charm with the set-up.

Then I upgraded to my first Android phone, the Motorola Atrix 4G and had all kinds of issues pairing and connecting. Pairing would basically require the Bluetooth File Explorer app to bang at the Parrot until it paired. Connecting would take 1-2 minutes after starting the car. Barely functional but ok.

Recently, I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S III, and the result is that it just doesn't work. It pretends to pair, and that's pretty much it. It never connects.

So I went looking around and discovered the whole story about upgrading firmware. The short of it is that:
1. The CK3000 upgraded to 5.25C works beautifully with the new phone.
2. The upgrade was fairly inexpensive and fairly easy.

The key to the inexpensive upgrade is this post:

Basically, the pinout of the upgrade cable is reverse engineered and the cable can be made fairly cheaply.

If you have an RS-232 port lying around, or maybe an FTDI USB>RS-232 cable, all you need is a $5 TTL converter. I bought one called
"MAX232CPE Transfer Chip RS232 To TTL Converter Module COM Serial Board USB Cable" from "cenn2010" on EBay. It includes the USB power cable and flying wires that can be used to directly connect to the CK3000 for the firmware upgrade, so it's all you need.

The upgrade can be done in the car (with a laptop) as something needs to be supplying power (12V). Otherwise, a PC power supply can be used for the 12V supply.

I had some issues with my laptop running 64b Win7, but my desktop running 32b Win7 worked the first time.

Have fun with the upgrade!.

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