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Sure, Mike.

But first, don't insult the morons around here by calling just for me. There are one or two that think they know more than me so they feel better if you don't ask for just my help. Biggest issue is that you'll get 'just' my help and I'm old, forgetful, and prone to trolling for no good reason.

Of the things you did replace, in particular the thermostat...was any of them after market. If therm was AM, it's immediately suspect.

You didn't replace the ET, so that's another possible leak source, but if you're not leaking...leave that be for now.

Even though you used 'my' method for bleeding, I've posted the two methods quite often...more recently the 'quick' rev to 4K rpm method...so try that if you didn't...or try it again and again if you did...heater on, fan on, right?

When are you overheating...immediately right to overheating, or when slowing down after being at speed and 'okay' temp wise?
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