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thanks for the replies !!

as far as the overheating the temp gauge starts to go up after about 10-15 min test drive or less depending if its night(cool) or day (hot)... and it increases when i slow down and or stop but goes back down when i accelerate again, but then goes back up if i keep driving. (which im too scarred to do just back to the house from the neighborhood test drive) therm is AM new from napa. i tried both bleed methods with the revving and without and have bled numerous times. as far as the limp mode im clueless as to what is causing that. since ive been working on the card i have not drove it more than test drives arount the nieghborhood. also when i do pop the hood after it reaches a higher temp and i shut down i can hear some gurgling in the RAD and ET area and a light hissing sound so i sprayed distilled water in the area to see if i could hear or see a leak and nothing was noticed.
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