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See? That's exactly what I mean. I was thinking temp sensor wasn't replaced when I wrote that detailed post to you...but I forgot!

Yea, never a good idea to ask for one person's help. Few here are 'real' mechanics and there's a big difference in 'talking' about fixing vs. being there fixing.

Thank you silver! BTW, I have to say, that user names like yours are the hardest to remember. you know there will be a 2001silver330i 2000blue330i. You need something catchy and you're new enough here there's hope for you.

One fanatic in NJ had a name like that...forget it...but in my mind I call him "youngwhiteguy" and so I never forget him.

Silver, would you think about it? If you tell us something about yourself and include nude pic of Marisa, then maybe I can turn you into a memorable fanatic! Griffin, Gheybe, Albeeee, Smuuuuv, Bimmersgarage, Delmarco, Mango, Cyberkaa+, MJ, Havesexwithtrains, Ilovebeagles...names like that, names people can remember. You deserve it so get on that, will ya?

Temp sensor is distinct possibility.

Also, soon, I have to say, you'll hear, 'replace it all' and to save Mango the trouble, I'll say that for him. Whatever you haven't replaced, go ahead and replace. That sensor, hoses, trans cooler.

There, now that that's out of the way, I'll go back to bleeding. You've opened up the system at the wp. If it has air in it, it won't pump coolant, just air. Ah, also try the burping method...squeeze upper hose.

Your WP is, I believe, cavitating. Mkodama has said he has good success with the car up on an incline a bit.

I think you need to rev with cap and bleeder closed, heater on, rev to 4K rpms for 20 secs. and turn the car off.

Start bleeding when the car is cold, fill to between min and max, close cap and bleeder!
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