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Oh, limp mode...I don't have an auto, so don't know a lot about limp mode, but if I'm not mistaken, I just saw a thread where bad therm was related to limp mode...guess the trans fluid doesn't get cooled down enough or something (vague recollection).

Anyway, cross posted I new diagnosis is your AM therm. If you've read other posts of mine, maybe you only filled with water until you knew you were good...but in any case...get a real therm...OE...wahler iirc. If you can't wait to find out I'm right, take off the therm you have now, remove the thermostat from inside of it, and return just the housing...then go through the bleeding process again.

That was easy!

Next! more cooling threads for me...Mango has the answer...very easy, often perceived as obnoxious answer, but it's not. If you're not a mechanic but can remember left from right...replace everything! Basically what I said, but much more politely...and with more specificity!

I hope no one who knows me has read all this! I don't need to hear it...I know!
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