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Originally Posted by jeffro3000 View Post
One tip i've been using to save battery power on AMOLED phones is to set a black wallpaper (I think the option is "no background" or something).

On AMOLEDs, any pixel that is black uses no power at all. Zero. So having a lot of black pixels on your homescreens means the screen uses a lot less power.

Also, you can set bimmerapp to "dark" mode, and in some roms you can even invert the colors in your text messages/inbox so the background is black and text is white.

I can't remember the exact percentage change in the screen's power usage, but it has made a noticeable difference. No to mention it will prolong the life of your screen, which is a bigger concern as of now for AMOLEDs than LCDs.
Thanks, good to know. I've been doing this with all my previous droids and I'm gonna do the same with the S3. Besides, I think it looks better with the black background.

Originally Posted by SuperFan86 View Post
Sweet! That looks like it'll triple the girth of the phone. Thanks for the link.

Originally Posted by xxilikericexx View Post
To disable an application you go into settings>application manager> all and choose the app you want to disable. It will be an option next to the force close option. You will have to uninstall all the updates first before you can disable it. HTH

I've had my s3 for over a month now and I love it. Came from an iphone 4s and I dont think I can ever go back to iOS. Love being able to customize nearly every aspect of the phone to my preference and the hardware is awesome. Its like carrying a handheld laptop in your pocket.

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I have done that on my rezound but I didn't know about uninstalling all the updates first. Thanks for the tip.

Originally Posted by Don Nguyen View Post
Man, some people use their phones a lot.
I'm on my phone a lot. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting cross eyed. My optometrist buddy told me that this smart phone era is giving him more business.
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