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Originally Posted by wrighterjw10 View Post
Voice commands - truly something to be desired here, and I believe it will be addressed. Or I hope. The voice commands do work, but they tend to be a bit slower than I'd like. Comparing to Siri, its much slower and tends to get thrown off easier. Give it an overall "C" grade, its nice, but def not a selling point as siri is.
Hmm, I've heard the exact opposite pretty consistently.

Most of the reviews say, in a nutshell: Google's voice commands are faster/more accurate than Siri in the things it can do, but Siri can perform a bigger variety of tasks.

My personal experience with voice commands is that it's very fast and accurate. Siri v2.0 will probably bring some major improvements though.

I think Google's main advantage here is that their speech-to-text engine runs locally on the phone, rather than on servers far away.

EDIT - Wait i see now, you are probably using S-Voice.

I'm using the new Jelly Bean voice commands. My bad, totally different things. Yea, Siri blows Samsung's S-Voice away. You are correct, lol.

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