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Originally Posted by wrighterjw10 View Post
I've been meaning to write this mini-review for people thinking about switching from iphone, i know there are a ton of you, so here goes:

Background - I've been on iPhone for over four years now. I had two, one provided for my job, one for personal life. My company allows me to use my business phone for almost anything, so I decided I wanted to try something new out.

Data plan (at&t)/price - something important for me was keeping my old unlimited plan. They allowed me to, no extra fees or charges. Sweet. Bill stays exactly the same! At $200, I felt a little hesitant. Not because its $200, but because the comparable One X was priced at $99. After I saw the two face to face, I decided I liked the S3 more. Plus, as a casual audio enthusiast, most "beats by dre" stuff is over hyped and under delivers. Decided the sound stuff wasn't important to me. Either phone seemed like a great option tho.


Screen - I freaking love the huge screen. At first, it seems insanely huge, like almost a negative. But, after using it for only about an hour, I started seeing how insanely small iphone really is. For browsing the web, it makes sense you'd want something a little bigger. It still fits in my pockets comfortably.

App store - here's one of the bigger surprises I had, I love the app store. There are an insane number of apps, although some are useless. So many useful free apps as well. I'm not a huge app guy, but if you dream up the need, there's probably a FREE app for that on this phone.

Google - almost all my online stuff is with them, and syncing this phone to google took me about 30 seconds. Awesome. The free turn-by-turn navigation is better than the top rated PAID iphone app (which I use). Can't stress big of a difference here.

Computer power/speed - holy sh!t, this thing flies. LTE is going to be turned on in my area before the end of the year, but even without it, i load pages incredibly faster. No comparison here, internet/facebook browsing is much, much, much better. This is what I use my phone for the majority of the time.

Design - love it overall. Holding it is comfortable, maybe not if you have small hands. One "gripe", see below.


Battery life - after many reviews, I was really looking forward to incredible battery life. I was really disappointed, to the point of almost returning the phone. Luckily, I did a little research. Turned off auto adjust lighting and using "juice defender (free)", my phone easily makes it through the day now. iPhone's battery life is still amazing, but with a little tweaking on s3, its no longer an issue.

Voice commands - truly something to be desired here, and I believe it will be addressed. Or I hope. The voice commands do work, but they tend to be a bit slower than I'd like. Comparing to Siri, its much slower and tends to get thrown off easier. Give it an overall "C" grade, its nice, but def not a selling point as siri is.

Texting - if you text a lot, i absolutely hated "t9" and turned it off instantly. Despite what I said above about voice commands, speech-to-text works pretty well! I actually like it! But, the predictive/auto correct is something I'm not yet use to, and with iPhone i really liked...

Design - the "lock" button is on the side. Normally not an issue, but the opposite side is the volume. So, naturally if you are trying to lock one side, you will be pushing against the other. So many times I try to lock my phone, but actually just adjust the volume.

Overall, I can't believe I waited this long to change from iPhone! I love how custom you can make this phone. If you have any kind of technical capability, you will never miss your iphone. If you don't, you probably will not appreciate the capabilities. I think a lot of buyers are missing this great phone because, lets face it, iPhone is trendy and the "it" phone. But when it comes down to it, stray from iphone and you'll see how much better a phone can be. That's not a shot at iPhone at all, but so far, i love the s3.
Wow, thanks for that review. Can't wait to use my phone now. Just need to stop by a Verizon store tomorrow to pick up a new sim card. They let me keep my unlimited data, too.
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