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Originally Posted by B3ZKONTROLU View Post
Good day to all!!

I had my oil changed yesterday, picked up the car and drove it for about 1.5 hours. Came home, started the car and bang... the car started shaking vigorously and idling below 1000 rpm. It shook like little jolts. I tunred it off and back on same thing, and the problem kept going. SES light came on. Went back to the guy who changed the oil, he read code P0302. Saying that the second coil is misfiring. Mind you now, I used to have a slight jerk/hesitation around 2500 RPM. The guy said that it's the same problem that has escalated. Is it? Also, is this a simple coil swap or could it be another issue?

Please help,

Thank you!

If you got the car back in worse shape then you gave it to the mechanic then I would make him repair the issue.

On the other hand....since he did such a stellar job before I suggest just taking this on yourself. There's plenty of knowledge and DIY's here to get you through changing the coil.
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