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Mine has the kayser filter and the original was kasyer too. But the new one didnt come with the rubber boot, so I re-used the old one.
Good find OP, getting parts locally for a decent price when it is urgent is always better than ordering online and waiting for the shipment to arrive.
It doesnt matter how much you paid. I ordered the same from rmeuropean for almost the same amount and recieved the exact same thing without the rubber boot.

Come one guys, how many of you guys ran to dealership and bought a super expensive parts when you broke or realized you forgot to order something and pay a ridiculous amount.
I have done it many times for bolts and washers and once for the upper radiator hose when I broke it while hammering on the fan clutch nut. I paid $48 for the hose that would have cost me $20 but I had no choice since I had to get the car running. So it is always good to know that OEM parts are available locally for a decent price.
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