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Originally Posted by BmwDriver916 View Post
I have something similar to easy outs and I can't get the screw to grab properly at this point because I drilled too much of it out and the drill point isn't flat anymore (two simi-deep holes on each side but not in the middle).

What are my options at this point? I'm frustrated and would pay someone $100 to get this damn screw out. I don't care of I have to take the entire door off or something or if I have to break something and replace it. Also what is the deal with the other side of this window holder thing? Like I said it looks like theres another female torx and a screw nut on the other side but it doesnt turn all the way.
Get a punch and a hammer and see if you can turn it using that method. I'm sure some PB blaster wouldn't hurt either.
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