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Originally Posted by shanneba View Post
The ambient temp reading in the OBD menu is in degrees C, xx.x
your temp was 27.5C (81.5F) and it went up to 42.0C (107.6F), that should not be the cause of your A/C not working.

The FSR controls the fan speed, if your fan isn't working properly on the auto setting or manually it may be the FSR.

If your "code reader" will connect to the Heating and A/C system you can read the high side A/C pressure as well as the heating and A/C temperature settings and sensors.
Is the compressor engaging? Is the belt still on the compressor?
Check the fuses for the A/C, there are several including a small one for the hot water valve.
OK, thanks for helping me interpret the ambient temp. It got to 420 (or 42.0C/107F as you say) when sitting stopped in traffic so it does actually seem reasonable that it was that hot under the wheelwell.

Fan works fine so I don't think it's FSR.

I can hook up an OBD code reader to check the pressures and temps you mention. The problem I always have is interpreting what is normal and what would indicate a problem. If you know what these readings should be, please let me know.

Yes, the belt is still on the compressor and it appears to be engaging. I'll have to check the fuses--I don't know how to tell if there is an issue there, but I'm sure I can figure it out.
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