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Originally Posted by SuperFan86 View Post
The 4g reception is the best of out of the 3 4g devices I have used. I travel through some back road areas about 2x a month and usually drop service in the same places I have for years, so I wouldn't say that the antenna is any worse. I will, however, admit that my G/F's Verizon Iphone 4 gets slightly better 3g service in some areas, but only by maybe 1 bar or less.

To the OP: go to the accessories page on XDA. They have tons of reviews of aftermakret batteries ranging from 2700 mAh on up to the massive 4200 mAh. They also review anything else that you could possibly want and deals show up there all the time.
thanks. gonna be switching to verizon next month and this phone is a contender. really the only things i care about are reception and battery life. reception seems to be good, but battery life
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I'm having a hard time imagining any set of responses that ends with anyone expressing admiration for Marshmallow.

Perhaps you should stop responding. It's a no-win for you here. :dunno:
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