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I've had two. One where my mother borrowed my car without me knowing and left a lit cigarette in it. The car ended up burning, although I was more upset about the fact that she smoked in it.

Another where my car got trapped on the other side of a collapsed bridge for a year. I'd go visit it every day until I finally found a sketchy solution to get it across. I woke up before the dream could finish, so I don't know if I got it across the bridge or not. Most terrifying nightmare I've had yet.
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We're not stuck up, it just happens that most of us are just that much better than everyone else. Not our fault. Having a BMW though, I think thats just a coincidence.

I'd still be stuck up BMW or not.
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You know you love your car when you've been fvcking with it with you on top, with the car on top, from behind, sideways and 69. And you are paying for all this.
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