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Originally Posted by BMANN405 View Post
I have a 2002 325ci with ESS TS2 kit and yes, installing a 3.38 LSD and sub frame reinforcemant kit is a good idea but talked to guys at Turner Motorsports and they said there is no need to upgrade anything else on driveline including the clutch. So it will cost roughtly 10,000 to do it properly. I've probably invested twice that into mine over time but I've had mine since new and love not having a car payment. Love the M3 but this seemed the easier way to go for me and easier on wallet.
10,000 "to do it properly"
+20,000 "invested twice that into mine over time"
+5000-12,000 - Initial car cost
= 35,000 to 42,000k on a 325i

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