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Originally Posted by DerRoteBaron View Post
I am a little late to jump in, but after reading this conversation. I would recommend walking away. This car sounds like there are going to be issues, and you are getting into the 100k range. It doesn't sound like much preventative maintenance was done. One thing to check the coolant, look if there is a residue on the windshield. Usually a leaking heater core will cause a moisture build up on the windshield. I don't have loads of experience with BMWs, but from conversations with friends that are owners, you either get a rock solid car, or it is just a non-stop money pit.
this car is turning out to be fraught with problems, and unknown ones very possibly lurk. There are many e46's in the sea of cars for you to search. Don't shirk the work you'll have to do to find another. In the long run a better car will be better than this one fixed up.
Many of us take care of our cars all along the way. Find one of these cars.
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