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Well with my return to the health & fitness forums and offering advice to everyone else I figured I would revive this thread and show that I still have plenty of work left myself!

My progress is nowhere near where I thought it would be after I last chimed in (2 years ago). I am currently 171 lbs at 6'0, I still have the scale I used and it says I'm at 16.3% BF which is where it said I was when I started... however I have vastly improved my strength in all areas and need to get a true BF done soon, as I believe I am around the 11-12% mark.

Current 1 rep maxes: 181 bench / 231 squat / 315 deadlift

After two incredibly dirty bulks, and learning the hard way why it is certainly not the way to go, I spent from Jan - Jun 2012 cutting significantly. I also did this in 2011, and ruined it with a bad bulk and a two month gym hiatus over the winter.

I've been working on getting my strength back up after the lengthy cut the past two months, and its working well. Eating primal/paleo has allowed me to keep the fat off and I've actually gone down a bit in weight despite going up significantly in strength.

And pics are a worth a thousand words (and from what I've seen especially to kushy ), took these at gym hence the locker room shot. Comparing with my previous pics where I am the same weight and BF on the scale... I can tell a big difference personally.

I'm far from done thats for sure!

One day I'll figure out how to take a back shot lol... weird looking part of my arm is from a sunburn.
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