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Originally Posted by Steven747 View Post
impressive video for a 15 year old. didn't know you can get your license at that age

can we have an update on the mounts? do you like them? i want to do the rougue and bw mm
You can't.
I learned how to drive stick in a parking lot.
You wont feel any difference though unless they were bad in the first place. I'd also like to do motor mounts, I want group N but, for $900 no way. When I do them I'll either go with m3 or BWMMs.

Originally Posted by Hamsocne View Post
Great job! And, yes make more diy videos.
Thanks, will do.
Up next is a Twin Screw supercharger install.
*He wishes

Originally Posted by e46techtuner View Post
Great DIY video! I went with the UUC mounts. You sound like Ralph Macchio in the Karate Kid, represent NJ!
I've heard some bad things about UUC glad to hear that yours are good!

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