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Originally Posted by peytonracer4 View Post
I don't think so. The springs are under constant blasting of road debris kicked up from the tires. Think of them bring lightly sandblasted everytime you drive. Plasti dip will not withstand this at all. Also once plasti dip starts to peel it just keeps going.
The only coating durable enough to bend, as well as withstand the dirt and rocks, is powder coating.
interesting theory. The argument would then be, 'my rear bumper and lower front door, which gets hit by much more tire kickup than a spring, suffers very little damage'.

I think the coating that's on the springs, whether paint or powder, will eventually crack off due to stresses. My theory is that the plastidip would hold that chip in place without breaking (perhaps bulging out a bit), thereby protecting the raw metal from the elements. Hopefully, this would hold off corrosion, at least for a while. Again, just my theory.
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