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Lightbulb *** E46 M3 Alternator DIY ***

So since i was on a little budget this month due to school.

Tools needed:

* Allen Key
* Torx 50
* Small Philips Screw Driver
* Flat Head Screw Driver
* Ratchet
* Socket # 10, 16, 17.
* Extension
* Towel

1. Disconnect the positive terminal from your battery

2. Start taking off your OEM/Aftermarket Intake scoop & filter and cover so you have enough room to take off the Alternator.

There is 4 clips thats holding the scoop

4. Intake scoop is off.

5. Take off the side plastic pieces that's attached to the fan cover. There is two clips on each side that gets this loose. This will help you get more room at the end when you are going to pull the alternator off.

6. Take the cap off so you can get access to the long bolt that is holding the alternator down. I simply used a little Philips screw driver to pop it off and bingo you will see the bolt. Its a 16mm bolt if you have a breaker bar your life will be much easier compared to a regular ratchet.

Cap off

7. Below the alternator drive, there is a tensioner to get the belt loose. It has a black cap/cover just like the alternator.

8. Once you took the cap off the tensioner uses a Torx key size 50 i attached it to my ratchet and pressed down on it just the way i tighten a regular bolt. This will get the belt loose gently slide the belt out from the alternator drive.

9. Now you can take the long bolt out that holds down the top portion of the alternator.

10. Take the bottom bolt that is holding the alternator as well.

11. Use an Allen key to remove the hard oil lines make sure you put a towel underneath the oil lines so you don't get oil on the alt. It will be just a little oil but i still ended up covering the alternator.

12. Oil lines removed

13. Disconnect the negative wire from the alternator. Its held by a metal clip i simply took it off with a flat head and it just came off.

14. Disconnect the positive cable from the alternator. Its a 17mm socket see the pictures below.

15. After you disconnected the cables. You can start taking off the alternator by moving it back and fort depending on how old your alternator is mine was pretty easy to take out.

If i missed something feel free to fix my mistake.


LSB /// Nappa Black.
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