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Originally Posted by GotVANOS? View Post
While replacing the front driver's side CV axle I noticed that the bearing that the axel rides on in the differential is totally frozen and will not move at all. currently it's acting as a bushing, but I'm afraid that after a while it will start producing metal fragments, get into the diff and raise hell. Does anyone have an idea how to replace this bearing? It looks like a MAJOR project
Actually It's not that difficult. Just time consuming & pretty inexpensive as well if of course you DIY.

1. Drain fluid
2. Remove Diff cover
3. Remove Axles from the diff completely
4. You should be able to take the carrier out after doing the prev. steps
5. Take Carrier & new bearings to a Machine shop to have the old bearings removed and install the new ones.
6. Re install & add new fluid

That was just a quick explanation.

New bearings are about $~20, Install of new bearings $~30, New diff fluid ~$130 (ECS Tuning)

You prob would want to buy new seals as well. Now if you were to have a shop all do this for you then you would most likely get R4PED.

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