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Originally Posted by AndyN View Post
Hi Guys,
I am installing the defi racer gauges on my ESS TS2 tomorrow morning. I am hooking the boost gauge up to one of the two vacuum hoses on the intake manifold. I am connecting the oil temp gauge through the Ruff oil filter cap. I have 3 questions;

1. Does it matter which of the two vacuum hoses I connect the boost too as they are both not in use?EGR or Exhaust Flap Actuator?
2. It is a RHD car. Is the only entry from under the hood to the cabin of the car through the ECU box and is this the route I should take?
3. Last and most important question is. I am using the ATI gauge holder (the mickey mouse ears holder!). Is there any particular power supply wire behind this that you guys normally hook gauges up to or should I just borrow a voltmeter off a friend and go crazy?

Thanks in advance..
1. I would go off the exhaust flap , dunno about the EGR vacuum but if it comes off the manifold both should be fine.
2. You have rubber grommets in the "drug bin" that you can run wires through
3. Personally i use the HU power wire , i run it to a relay and then from the relay(which feeds 12v from the jump point under the hood) to the gauges.
The iginition wires are just below where you install the ATi gauge holder so you should be able to tap the switched 12v there.
Personally i like to run things through relays
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