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Originally Posted by hcollins View Post
Don't worry, I know what you are saying. I haven't done more than $2k yet. By the way, September 5 it will be 10 years old!

Based on what you have said, I'm guessing you recommend a supercharger over a turbo? That is one of the things on my list. But I can't decide. I've read the supercharger is generally more expensive, but easier to install. The turbo is cheaper, but harder to install. The turbo seems to provide more power but things like the Active Autowerke supercharger seem like great kits. I don't really know which to choose. Any ideas?
Even $2k is a lot to spend on this car at this point. I would honestly not recommend doing any mods on it and just drive it as a car. Save your money for something that's designed for high performance from the factory, not a 10 year old E46 wagon with a ton of miles. Your car is a beater, use it as such. I personally am not modding my car at all and am saving for something along the lines of a Corvette.

A turbo can produce a lot more power but requires a lot more work, a lot more piping, a lot more parts, and a lot more tuning to work properly. Turbos are typically added aftermarket to smaller engines that cannot produce or it isn't feasible to take the power away from the engine to turn the supercharger. With the M54, there's enough engine power to turn the supercharger and drive the car without boost. I would personally add the supercharger because it's a lot easier and the drive train you have can't take much more of a beating than the supercharger would give anyway.
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