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Originally Posted by DHK View Post
No offense but no one knew who he bought it from until you posted. And he hardly called you a cheat, he merely stated that he felt cheated, and not in money way, in a being deceived way.

It is certainly not false advertising, but surely you can relate to receiving something you thought you wanted and then finding out its not what you thought it was. Surely it is an honest mistake but, to me this seems like a logical way to gauge weather or not his feeling that he was misled is reasonable.

Maybe he could have worded the thread name in a better way but I don't think you need to get all defensive about it, fix your diagram and offer him a refund. Hell, maybe offer him 20 bucks in credit or something, but coming in here on your high horse defending your name doesn't really make you look all that great either.

False advertising has to be willful this was an honest mistake, but that doesn't make it any less misleading.
The words 'cheated' and 'false advertising' will grab most businesses' attention, I don't see where you think I'm on a high horse, just posting what we think about his initial post. We had already privately discussed this issue anyway, when people bring issues that we feel are resolved into the public domain, we get our side of it cleared up and 'out there' as quickly as possible.

Again, we had no intention to mislead or deceive anyone. The graphic is being fixed now, and as you suggested, we had already offered a refund privately, and now publicly.

Originally Posted by TynWarrior View Post
Great reply from Khoalty! Though I probably would of stayed anonymous haha
Honestly, we have nothing to hide here, it's a criticism of our business which we are taking in and making changes because of. We have always been very transparent and will continue to do so, being upfront, open, and honest, especially in today's market, is the best way to do things in our opinion.
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