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Originally Posted by Skaper View Post
I am not looking to return the bumper. I just think the issue with the graphic has been brought up before then why hasn't the problem been addressed? I don't intended to come off sounding like a whiny kid. I am sure that I am not the only one who has felt this way once they received the purchased item. This type of misleading internet sales happens all the time and it is not fair the consumer. I understand that the item missing is roughly only $30 dollars and like another member mentioned, the monetary value is not the issue. It would cost Khoalty or myself a substantial amount more to ship such a large item then to just purchase the delete plate. In my option Khoalty should take the Nordstrom level of service we all deserve from a merchant and purchase the block of plate.

I will say that I am pleased will the level of quality in the products and I plan on purchasing the M-Technik Splitters once this issue is resolved.

I also understand I am a new member and I am not looking to get off on the wrong foot with longtime forum members.

Bottom line is this is something that should have been dealt with privately and not on a public forum.

From KHOALTY's response they have made every effort to right this and you, for some reason, still aren't satisfied. They've apologized and are changing the graphic and offered to make you whole financially.

You aren't going to find any more sympathy so I suggest letting this go.

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