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Originally Posted by dylan. View Post
That's awesome. I bet it looks even crazier rolling down the road. Screw the people that think lowered bmws are foolish. You're my hero lol
Haha thanks dude. Can't always worry about what people are gonna say, do what you want. Slamming cars makes me happy, **** if it's an M3 or my old 325.
One day I'll slam a Ferrari and I won't give a crap what anyone says haha.

Originally Posted by djnekkon View Post
Looking good, cant wait to see the new wheels. I admit, I love the OEM's m3's you have now.
It's gonna be clean!
I love these wheels too haha, I'll get a set of rears for the front soon!

Originally Posted by Studdly_Studright View Post
nice man! IMO the rear could be a little higher though
That was the plan but you know me man
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