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This has turned into some pretty major surgery!
Initial problem, left outer CV joint suspected to be tits up. Solution, remove drive shaft and replace. New drive shaft received but flange is too big, (94mm vs. 86mm). Two new flanges ordered at 94mm and a RHS drive shaft. RHS removed with no problems other than I bent my torque wrench shaft undoing hub nut. LHS, had splined shaft completely seized within hub. Removed the trailing arm to remove hub, had to cut handbrake cable as also seized likewise ABS sensor (probably knackered by now anyway). Driveshaft put in 10ton press to no avail. Assume bearing will be knackered with much more pressure if it's not already. New trailing arm, ABS sensor and handbrake cable ordered.
Just waiting for stuff to turn up now!! Pics to follow.
I hope this cures my knocking noise!!!!!!
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