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Question Beisan Vanos Repair: Shopping list; Hindsight Do's & Dont's; Other Mods To Do, Etc.

As all of us know (and if you dont, do you need help with that rock?) there is no ifs or maybes, the VANOS unit on our cars will fail. If you're made of money and your hands are too pretty and manicured to fix this issue yourself, then dont worry you can go to the dealership, pay roughly ~$1200 for a new unit and then another ~$400 in parts/labor... F that noise.
*And with the kicker of having the same failure prone seals in your new unit.

Like many of you I prefer to get my hands dirty.

Ive read, and read about the procedure, I can say Im confident on preforming this rebuild. But in my reading Ive developed quite the disgust for doing just that..

I know we have the official "Beisan Solution" Thread
But my intentions are to collect all information surrounding this operation for easy access for others.

Parts List(also avail on Beisan's procedure right up):
-Beisan DBL Vanos Seals
-Vanos gasket (11-36-1-433-817)
-x2 Vanos oil hose/pipe washer (32-41-1-093-596)
-Valve cover gasket (Pre 09/2002 11-12-9-070-990; 09/2002 later 11-12-0-030-496)
-x15 Valve cover bolt grommets (11-12-1-437-395)
-Oil neck filler gasket (11-12-7-526-447)
-x2 Vanos piston bolts (11-36-1-748-745)
-x4 Engine cover bolt/nut cap (11-12-1-726-089)
-x4 Engine cover pad (11-12-1-730-352)

^yes I included the "optional" parts, but its my theory if someone (who knows what they're talking about) says you might need.. You need it. Its always better to BE PREPARED (Eagle Scout here... )

Now heres where my reading intolerance began, I think other people are doing the CPS(Camshaft Position Sensor) as well. But are there any other repairs/parts replacement that would be good to address while the valve cover is off?

For those who have done the procedure (Beisan posted procedure), anything you would have done differently or wish you would have know prior to starting?

As long as Im allowed to edit I will re-edit my intial post to update with useful info and links.

AND PLEASE keep post useful and progressive to this thread, and on topic! Non of this search crap, this has already been addressed, etc
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