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op i didnt waste my time reading your post but the job is very simple and if you are good at wrenching on cars will take under 3 hours .. my friend can do it in under 2 hours no problem.

from what i recommend getting would be a

-new valve cover gasket
-new vanos gasket
-new vanos piston caps because they can crack or break when improperly using the needle nose's
-maybe new reverse thread vanos screws if you slightly stripped yours
-shop towels to clean everything up when you remove the vanos unit and pistons

and last but not least the rattle repair kit i dont think i saw it in your op but why not do it while your in there .. it will start rattling down the line and you will say to yourself s hit why didnt i do it when i had it cracked open.

happened to me and i had to do the job all over yesterday for the rattle repair kit.

no excuses not to do the rattle repair if you have the money and dont waste your money on all those other things in your op just the simple nuts and bolts no cps's need to be replaced those can be done at any other time if they fail with alot more ease.
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