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These are no more parts eaters or money pits then many other famous makes.

Above, they warn about torn boots or CV failure. Okay, so a drive train item may need replacement. Let's say it runs $1000 for a shop to install new axles. That's not really a valuable budget projection over time example. That's a one time fix that will yield 80K if you keep up on the boot condition. Of course common fluids, filters, belts and hoses need replacing. Batteries croak (usually at the most convenient time). The closed, expansion tank cooling system requires a refreshing at 70K. The parts run about $300 for the DIY types. Double it for a shop. Brake pads, rotors and tires? Yeah factor these in but remember they cost no more or wear no faster than - any car. Premium fuel only has a premium price. I say burn the sweet go-go juice now 'cause soon, we're all going to be driving golf-carts! Honestly, annual cost to me is about average for many cars I've owned. Nothing remarkable here.

The XI is a very solid car that is clearly loaded with quality parts. I put money into goodies that I didn't require, non-maintenance toys and get this, I am still good with the investment. I've put $3000 into this car since purchase (60K) but remain ahead because originally, it sold for 30K. Now has 88K on it and I'm into it under 15K total. That's right, I'm driving a 30K luxury sport-sedan for half of the original price that runs and drives like new. Would recommend to a friend. Would not buy new and take a 50% resale hit! Ouch.

Nuff said, buy the car.
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