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Originally Posted by Sweetness View Post
I LOL with the syringes they sell to replace chips and all that. It takes like 1 hour to fix 3 chips that will come back the next day. Just repaint it, and add some filler in the front for reinforcement
Dr. Color Chip works better than the factory stuff- I have both. And adding filler to your car is something to be avoided unless it is absolutely necessary. Add it for reinforcement?! What in the hell?!

Originally Posted by dmax View Post
I tried drcolorchip. Meh.

There are threads on it's not quite so good.
Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Peyton, I tried it, followed directions, and got horrible results.

If I left it on too short a time it wiped off. Too long a time, it wouldn't come off easily from where I didn't want it.

Please, if you did you apply it? I've still got mine sitting around from 5 years ago...I'd give it a shot again based on your endorsement!
You didn't do it right. Try again. It does take some elbow grease to do it right. For road rash and small chips wipe it off sooner- bigger chips wipe it off later. Do not apply much pressure with the Sealact solution or it'll pull the paint out of the chip. If you're having a hard time use more solution.

Originally Posted by lsteg View Post
People on this site have a very strong conviction about "doing things right the first time" and not "cutting corners" when it comes to the upkeep and maintenance of their cars.

It shocks me that this many people are willing to take a cheap way out when it comes to their paint job.
Originally Posted by lsteg View Post
Touch up paint is fine if there isn't already rust forming like in the OP's picture. You can touch that up all you want but the fact is the rust will spread.

And to paint the hood will not cost $1500.
If the rusty chips are just on the surface and have not started to travel under the paint (aka no bubbles) then the method I mentioned will work. $1500 would get you a decent front end respray. Less? More than likely not so good.

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Get out and walk. Meet people.
It will change your life!
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It's ok, the world needs boring people

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