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Originally Posted by RidinBimmerz View Post
I cant stand the SL Benz but at least you got Mars Red. Very rare. Plus the wheels are nice and classy in my opinion. I just feel like the SL benz, even in a 63 motor is so damn heavy and sloshy. Plus they feel like they're going to break everytime you push them (maybe this is because the times I have driven SL's, I have had problems...) but to each his own.

Like I said, in Mars Red it is a hell of a looker, but you can't tell me you don't miss the sh!t out of that M5
Yeah Mars Red is a bitchin' color

Originally Posted by cchrisstopherr View Post
SL looks great, i see you keep everything classy!
I'll mod this to look classy like my previous cars

Originally Posted by oAllElseFailo View Post
holy moly, a shop managed to do all that to it?
Yea, they tried to park it to close to the curb and hit it!

Originally Posted by MarcusLSB View Post
I didn't know Denver had the CHP 11-99 Foundation as well.
There's none here, it's an authentic plate though, prob the only car in CO sporting this
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