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Forgot to post my last workout but here was last nights with my brother:

3 min treadmill warmup

Dead lift; 10x45, 8x95, 8x135, 8x135, 8x135. Was pretty easy, looking forward to jumping in weight next time

Hang Cleans; 10x45, 8x65, 8x75, 8x75

Standing OH Press; 10x45, 8x65, 8x75, 8x75

3 rounds: 10 burpees, 12 ( total) weighted lunges

10 min bike gear 10.

I was talking to a buddy I see all the time at the gym. It's weird I see him EVERY time I go but he was injured the last 2 months also and was just getting back into it again. I mentioned I was choked about my numbers now compared to a few months ago and he said muscle memory should put me back close to where I was before in a few weeks. Someone on here told me the same thing, so I'm looking forward to it!
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