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Thanks for the response. Trials aren't really possible without creating a security hole for me, so what I've done instead is allowed you to take a look at datalogs taken with various DMEs so you can see the capabilities and speed for each platform. You can check out the MS43 logs that are on the site. There was a link right under the description of the free features. Your DME will perform the same since it is the same.

No problem. It's not for everyone. I'd have loved to make it cheaper (Did in fact, when I first released it), but I did not get the response I had hoped for. I've had a small amount of people get a license so far and tons of people email me questions about the free features. With the time that's been involved building this and adding additional features plus support time, $49 is actually a steal. I'd like to keep it where it is if I can. The gentleman with the E63 M6 who bought it thought it was worth more than I was charging and threw me $100 in appreciation of my efforts. Another gentleman with an E90 used it to register his battery for free and saved hundreds by avoiding the BMW Dealership. They quoted him 2 hours labor to install and register the battery. He was on a Mac so he didn't have access to INPA etc. He wasn't sure what he was going to do with the ability to log, but he bought the license anyway and now he's loving it. That tells me it's priced just about right for what I intended to do, make this useful and available for anyone who needs it at an affordable price. I think $49 is an affordable price. Those who are doing in-car videos will likely pay the license fee just for the export to video feature once it's released later this week. I'm not raising the price for that even though datalogging packages that allow video overlay are not generally cheap.

No, you can check codes/clear codes, clear adaptations for free on all platforms. There's actually a tutorial video right on the download page above where you click to download. There are lights in the software that change color to show you the status. You'll see that in the tutorial as well. I'm guessing you just didn't choose your cable in preferences. Take a look.

If you have any other questions, just let me know.

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